Wednesday, 25 May 2011


i havent posted for a while and i'm sorry i had news monday that my bestist friend had to be taken to the vet and put down. to this post will be a tribute to her.

Saturday, 21 May 2011


well in working with the memory in future place team  I have gain myself a show.... well kinda

the team are working to get postcards made that there apart but with one image, i spoke to key artist to the project catrin if i could possibly use the idea and send my tea stains places to which she reply you cant copy the idea, you may collaborate so when the exhibition at oriel bach go's up in mumbles with all fo there postcard mine can too, and they will give me 100 to play with, eeeeee so excited!


well the third years did it, and what a fab show, here are some of my favourite pieces, not to mention i think i have everyone business card to call upon in times of need lol 


dissertation proposal

o yerhs its nearly finished well the writing bit is, just a littel formatting and we're there, although i dont actually have all the books in my annotated biblograhy but eh i will soon, my amazon shopping list is getting very large, lol

off to ireland next friday with a gaggle of loti, well excited

but in contrast my birthday present from 14 years ago, my beautiful dalmatian echo is on her last legs, which is very sad, so i'm heading home as soon as i finish my tutorial on weds

Monday, 16 May 2011

tea artists

so i found and am now follow another t artist, who uses tea and stains in a simlar way to myself:  ceci lombardi who is located :

and : gloria lamson!!

As an artist, teacher and creativity coach, Gloria Lamson, engages art as a vehicle of transformation and a tool of connection that holds the potential of awakening deeper awareness.  Motivated by the desire to reconcile spirit and matter, she weaves between metaphysical references and mundane materials, finding kinship within the field of ‘social sculpture’.
She explores change as it reveals itself through natural forces and illuminates change as it relates to human experience.  With these intentions she creates temporary site-specific installations in nature and architectural environments using natural and common human materials, which she documents with still photographs. Engaging the confluence of time and place with simple forms she seeks to renew our connection to what is essential within, between and around us.
-Gloria Lamson  2010

“Falling Apart & Coming Together - Being with Grace”
An interactive installation with jigsaw puzzle pieces, tea bags and light box.
Port Angeles Fine Art Center, WA, 2010

 she say which is a point i love and might use in my own work

Regarding Change
a series of installations in various locations
Rarely do we meet the times when our life falls apart with joy. 

We sense what is lost more easily than what wants to be born. 

In hindsight we might see how new possibilities grew out of the uncertain space of chaotic ground; like plants emerging from the earth made rich with the decay of past growth.

I question how we might generate some antidote to our fears and resistance to change?

Wonder about...

  Holding others and ourselves, kindly, in our disarray.

  Practicing curiosity during the often-disconcerting transformative process,

which defies our attempts at control.

Remembering we are more than the structures, which have previously contained us and
     that we too are part of the natural world, subject to the laws of regeneration and change.

lovely birthday

but i'm still busy, helped with LOCWS uninstall a little this morning and then i was of to work doing a 12-4 shift (in republic) tomro we are locwsing again, with a birthday meal for the thre girls whos birthday it was over past week. weds off to sea view priamay school with the memoery future place project which intails a van in a school playground and printing of various kinds, then back then to work 5-10 epp, thrus nothing so far so might even consider going to uni, working friday 2-6 sat 2-6 and sun11-5

we played monoply in the pub for my birthday, i lost, but it was a very good game. then on sunday we(me chris elyse and kirby) went to the cider and cheese festival @ the gower heritage centre, where i got to find my favorite welsh cider again happy daze, might buy myself some once i can sorcues it in small quantities, then shepards for ice cream n home

Tuesday, 10 May 2011

LOCWS- install

so this is what it means when i say i was wiring and working very closely with the artist, rhys and his brother.

Friday, 6 May 2011

Fire poi

and a little of the outfit... n bit a glow poi
got the dissertation proposal started n sorted my crb n one job application feelin good
work tomro then a big circus themed party where i will be poi-ing more

Thursday, 5 May 2011

cracking on

so only a few more days invidualing, i've had some lovely conversations and the adventures of little bird are getting very well know. we had a course vist to the supersaurs project which is debfinaly somehting to keep in mind both for support but as a space to work/exhibit. just signed up to AN mag which gives me a few benitfs for a remarkabley low cost, PPL is the best feature! but access to the website with all of its links and oppertunity is totally somehting to re visit regularly.

think i've sorted my dissertation topic, so i'd best get cracking on my proposal.

and i'm of to exceter for a day on the 11th which should eb exciting as i will be taking part and doucumenting in coral (work for inner neck are beginning with t) singing... your guess is as good as mine


Wednesday, 4 May 2011


so may is very busy
invidulatin 3 6 9 10 13th
fancey dress party and fire poi performance on 7th
off to exceter with future memory place project on 11th
my birthday on 14th